Website Merchandising

Website merchandising entails a wide variety of skills, and savvy retail marketers must evolve to meet the demands of a more intelligent clientele. Whether a customer walks into your retail establishment or surfs to your online shopping cart, the experience should be the same. The following website merchandising principles should be applied to ensure a happy user experience, which can drive additional revenue for your business:

  • Make sure that your website is robust with easy navigation, engaging product detail pages and simple check out pages.
  • Enable your in store sales associated to use your website to assist customers on outfitting, product recommendations, availability and delivery times.

Merchandising Tools

Traditional merchandising is still important, and you should follow the old rules of highlighting current promotions, updating your homepage to reflect hot products, and building a proper email list.

While there is a wide array of tools available to develop your website merchandising, the best strategy is to draw upon existing data from your shoppers. Which can show you, through big data machine learning techniques, what shoppers are most likely to engage with, what items are chosen together and what items are currently trending.