Personalized Product Recommendation on the Next Level

Give your customers what they want, before they even know they want it. The perfect product recommendation is really a discovery. Know what they’re looking for from the videos they’ve watched, other products they’ve liked, and the search terms they have used. Baynote then delivers personalized product recommendations like a natural suggestion. We not only provide your customer what they’re looking for, but help them discover new products and trends that match their interests for truly empowered and personalized ecommerce.

A Product Suggestion Simplifies

The right product suggestion can make your customers’ lives easier. Baynote’s recommendation engine streamlines the online shopping experience by getting them to the product they are looking for easily. Your customers will not only engage more, but they will also spend more and come back for repeat visits. A streamlined experience comes from knowing each customer and delivering the right product. Personalization helps to prevent a frustrating shopping experience. Your customers will be happier as a result, and so will your sales numbers.

Your customers discover relevant products because Baynote recommendations show products relevant to what they are interested in right now, in the moment, not last week. Our software tracks customer behavior and matches it with similar behavior of others to establish intent. Baynote’s powerful machine learning algorithms remove the guesswork. We empower ecommerce brands with intelligent product recommendation capabilities, based on data driven analysis.