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New Trends and Better Experiences Led by Sales Leaders

By Jen Burns in Customer Experience, Featured, Technology and Science on May 13, 2014

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Sales leaders want their teams to sell more and close more, faster. Yet, some sales leaders are searching for an improved sales performance from their teams, while driving the same old processes and playing the same old game. At the recent Sales 2.0 conference, Tiffani Bova, VP and Distinguished Analyst from Gartner, said “What got us here, isn’t going to get us there”

August Personalization Roundup

By Dan Darnell in Recommendations on August 28, 2013

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August has shown us how retailers are preparing to capture a larger slice of the ever-important BTS and holiday pie. With e-commerce now growing beyond pre-recession levels, retailers want to capture shoppers as early as possible and keep them coming back for the holiday season.  Mobile online purchases continue to grow as well so retailers are using every tool in their grasp to gain an edge on their competitors. ... Read More »

Not all eCommerce Organizations are Created Equal

By Marti Tedesco in eCommerce, Events on March 5, 2013

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Life is hard for the ecommerce professionals within traditional brick and mortar retailers.  This was clear from talking with retailers this week in Palm Springs.  It’s hard for two reasons. First, retailers who start online like,, and the Knot have the advantage of having their entire ecommerce organization focused on optimizing the customer experience.  Most have been laser focused on ... Read More »

Infinite Loop?

By Marti Tedesco in Featured, Technology and Science on January 4, 2013

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In the long ago land of mainframe computing, a sequence of instructions in a computer program which looped endlessly without any sort of terminating condition was called an infinite loop.  In some old operating systems these loops might cause the entire system to become unresponsive or freeze.  Not good.   Today’s machine learning has a loop of its own – a feedback loop, which ideally ... Read More »

Micro Personalization – Might Our Future Look Like this?

By Marti Tedesco in Personalization on November 1, 2012

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In late October, IBM announced a significant breakthrough in carbon nanotube technology.  They have been working in the nanotech field for years.  And just last week IBM scientists published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology their new method whereby carbon nanotubes (CNTs) place themselves alone or in pairs between electrical contacts.  This means that ultimately, CNTs can replace silicon as a ... Read More »

Why do Humans NEED Personalization?

By Scott Brave in Featured, Personalization on July 18, 2012

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In my new whitepaper: “The Human Need for Personalization: Psychology, Technology and Science”.  The paper defines the psychology, technology and science that underlie a shopper’s desire for a personalized ecommerce experience.  In the document, we look at the definition of personalization including the psychology of needs; the technological constructs that make automated personalization systems possible and the science behind the man-machine interface that brings ... Read More »