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Onsite Search Matters

By Jen Burns in Featured, Onsite Search on July 9, 2013

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If you have an iPhone or any kind of smartphone, it’s likely that you use it to search for contacts, search the web or use search to find apps and music. If you go to a website and don’t find a category you’re looking for or just want to save time, you will likely use search for the item you want. Failure to Result Think about ... Read More »

Smart. Beautiful. Mobile. – How Search Enhancement has Allowed Craigslist to Become Mobile

By Jen Burns in Mobile Commerce on February 21, 2013

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Craigslist is a well-known text-based site used to find anything from lost pets to volunteer events to roommates to even something as specific as an antique dresser. Simple in design and functionality, the newspaper ad-friendly site has been to go-to for post-tech community “ads.” For those who have the time and leisure to browse through text ... Read More »

SVForum Panel Focuses on Innovation in Personalization Tech

By Dan Darnell in Events, Onsite Search, Recommendations on August 31, 2012

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Last night I participated in a panel discussion for the Web Apps & E-Commerce SIG of the SVForum in Palo Alto on Recommendation Engines and Brand Commerce . I was joined on the panel by Brian Johnson from eBay, Paul Twohey from Ness, and Vik Singh from Slice Data. Each of us had a chance ... Read More »

Why Does Google Hate Personalization?

By Jen Burns in Onsite Search, Personalization on March 20, 2012

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Earlier this month, Google announced that their encrypted search is going global. First deployed in October on, it appears SSL encryption will now expand to other localized Google domains. The SEO community is still unhappy – and rightfully so. Although the percentage varies, site owners are seeing a significant portion of search ... Read More »