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Retailers: The Holiday Elves

By Jen Burns in Featured, Holiday Shopping Survey on August 20, 2013

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With the holiday season quickly approaching for both retail and e-commerce alike, there is a lot of pressure on different channels to have their website optimized, banner promos designed, inventory overstocked and holiday strategy finalized soon as in, um, yesterday. Retailers truly are the elves of the holidays, working to make sure that the products they sell are at their very best (as an elf would do) and that ... Read More »

Half-way Through 2012 – Predictions in Full Force!

By Jen Burns in Customer Experience, Personalization on August 16, 2012

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Earlier this year, we eagerly awaited the 2012 personalization predictions from our CTO Scott Brave. Not surprisingly, more and more brands are realizing how important this “non-feature” is to your website and overall user experience. Simple one to one personalization isn’t producing the results retailers expected. And as Scott predicted, ... Read More »