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What is an API?

By Richard Bakare in Featured, Technology and Science on November 15, 2013

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Enhance Visitor Experience with Free Web Services Today people are constantly updating, posting and sharing videos, pictures and more. Yet with so many different areas of the internet to update, Facebook connect and others have simplified the log in process across other channels and websites. Actually some websites will only allow you to log in through those other partner channels.  How do these websites share information and talk ... Read More »

Best Practices in Social Commerce

By Jen Burns in Events, Featured on June 14, 2013

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PetFlow, a 3yr old company set to hit $65MM in online sales in 2013, covered “how social marketing became the rocket fuel for a small startup.” The co-founder and IRCE speaker, Alex Zhardanovsky, claimed he was nervous, but the results he shared on his company’s success were both humorous and engaging. Customers engage with Facebook’s rich demographic focusing capabilities PetFlow shared their frustrations with ... Read More »

Hard-to-Sell Social Phones?

By Jen Burns in Featured, Technology and Science on April 4, 2013

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For those located in the Bay Area, you know of the San Jose Mercury Newspaper.  Lately, an employee has been bringing it into the office.  Most people pass it by on the break room table, opting to read news on their phones or listen to NPR as they drive into work, but today a Facebook headline caught my eye. “Facebook phone a hard sell” Facebook hasn’t ... Read More »

Tips and Trends for Incorporating Social Channels into the Web Experience

By Jen Burns in Events, Social Network on March 12, 2013

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In a panel discussion on the future of social media and its integration with the web, several questions were asked to panel participants from Urban Outfitters, Jetblue, Under Armour and start-up company Reevo. Panelists described their objective for social media as bringing humanity back, customer support and showing personality of the brand and even personality of the store ... Read More »

The Facebook Update: What's New in Facebook's Integrated Platform?

By Jen Burns in Events, Social Network on March 6, 2013

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The intersection of Facebook and ecommerce may be appealing to apparel retailers, but for others, it fosters mixed emotions. Nicolas Franchet, Head of ecommerce at Facebook, spoke on the new marketing integrated platform that Facebook is offering to ecommerce companies. It’s fab-ulous for apparel retailers An excellent case study, one of the fastest growing online retailers, ... Read More »