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The Great Race

By Richard Bakare in Our Culture on August 2, 2013

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In between building and deploying great products, let it not be said that Baynote employees don’t own up to a number of other talents.  Last month, one of our younger employees asked a slightly older employee about his history running track in college. “Were you fast?” she asked. “Yeah, I was pretty quick,” he responded. “Oh ok, well you are probably slow now, since you’re old, ... Read More »

Employee Spotlight - Raj Jandir

By Jen Burns in In the Company of Baynote, Our Culture on November 6, 2012

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A “Why You Should Smile” poster hangs outside her cube, so it’s no surprise that she greets everyone she sees with a smile. As a Solutions Engineer, Raj has a lot of experience working directly with our customers. But her people skills don’t stop there.  She just finished putting together a fantastic Baynote Halloween competition (see photos here) and ... Read More »

Baynote Introduces... Srdjan Kovacevic

By Jen Burns in In the Company of Baynote, Our Culture on October 9, 2012

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Baynote was searching for a VP of Engineering and specifically wanted to find someone that not only had an interest in our technology, but who also had a passion for innovation. Enter Srdjan. Besides a doctorate degree in Computer Science, he has also studied intelligent interfaces, worked on adaptive user interfaces and applied machine learning. Srdjan sat down for a few minutes to tell ... Read More »

Baynote Introduces... Dermot Mee

By Jen Burns in In the Company of Baynote, Our Culture on August 30, 2012

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When considering new hires, it’s important for Baynote to find the best fit for our company – culturally, experientially and technically. We are diligent in making sure the candidate has the right experience, mindset and is well positioned for success at Baynote. And as you can imagine, once we find the right person, we want to tell everyone! That said, we are delighted to introduce ... Read More »

Employee Spotlight: Lawrence Berment

By Jen Burns in In the Company of Baynote, Our Culture on March 21, 2012

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This month we’re featuring our IT pro, Lawrence Berment. But this smiley IT guy does more than just fix computers. He’s your go-to for audio, video, security (well, computer security, though he would gladly walk you to your car if you asked) a broken internet connection or broken screen. You name it, he knows it. Lawrence took a few minutes between being awesome to answer some questions about himself and ... Read More »

Employee Spotlight: Dane Christensen

By Dan Darnell in In the Company of Baynote, Our Culture on February 17, 2012

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As someone with a world of background in the Internet and IT industry, it’s no surprise that Dane Christensen loves working on the cutting edge. That’s why you’ll find him here at Baynote as an Engagement Manager. But in order to be an engagement manager at Baynote, you have to be engaging! (It’s a requirement, seriously.) And in this month’s employee spotlight, you will see why Dane is a perfect ... Read More »