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B2B moves to P2P - Part 2

By Marti Tedesco in Customer Experience, eCommerce, Personalization on June 26, 2014

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In my last blog, I mentioned two of the pivotal things B to B marketers have to ask themselves: 1) Does your site play a role in developing the sales dialogue with prospects and 2) will you transact commerce on your site. This time, I wanted to talk about the design elements of the site that come into play.

Not all eCommerce Organizations are Created Equal

By Marti Tedesco in eCommerce, Events on March 5, 2013

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Life is hard for the ecommerce professionals within traditional brick and mortar retailers.  This was clear from talking with retailers this week in Palm Springs.  It’s hard for two reasons. First, retailers who start online like,, and the Knot have the advantage of having their entire ecommerce organization focused on optimizing the customer experience.  Most have been laser focused on ... Read More »

Why Personalization is Different than Targeting

By Srdjan Kovacevic in Featured, Technology and Science on December 11, 2012

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A shopper comes to your website and you (as a business) have 500 Christmas mugs you need to get rid of on Black Friday.  If you featured the mugs to all of your visitors, it wouldn’t be targeting nor personalization because you’re hoping anyone will buy the mugs, instead of selecting an audience who would be more likely to. If you segment or ... Read More »