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12 Days of Shopping – Thanksgiving Aftermath

By Dermot Mee in Customer Experience, Featured on December 25, 2012

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Picture the traditional Thanksgiving aftermath, bodies sprawled on the couch watching football, kids playing Madden 2013, Black Ops, Halo etc, Grandma is about the spill her chardonnay on the rug and all is right with the world!!! Then at about 9 PM, out of the spare room appear three tall blond gladiators, clad in warm coats, scarfs, gloves and bags, lots of bags. As they march in unison to the ... Read More »

12 Days of Shopping – Can We Delay Black Friday Please?

By Caprice Cartier in Customer Experience, Featured on December 22, 2012

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I ignored Black Friday and Cyber Monday.   This must shock some people. How I could ignore all the deals that were at my fingertips?   There are a few reasons for this but the primary one is that my family hasn’t gotten organized yet.   Asking a few five year old nephews for their Christmas list before Thanksgiving or even hours after the turkey has been served feels like shoving them from ... Read More »