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Uncommon Goods, a unique gift and creative design retailer, drives engagement and site performance with Baynote Personalized Recommendations.

Uncommon Goods wanted to automate recommendations for a widely diverse range of merchandise for the home and office, as well as fashion accessories, gifts and jewelry. Through Baynote’s Personalization solutions, Uncommon Goods is able to capture the associations between eclectic products and personalize those based on the customer’s intent in the moment.

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“We started out with item pages but soon after that, we layered on the email recommendations as well. The conversion rates on our email recommendations have been good, and that incremental revenue pays for the entire solution.”

-- Brian Hashemi, Director of Marketing for UncommonGoods

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Baynote Personalized Recommendations exposed customers to different pieces of the product catalog, increasing from 4 manual to 20 automatic recommendations

The ROI on Baynote’s Personalized Email alone paid for the entire Baynote solution

With Baynote’s Personalized Email and Recommendation Solutions, UncommonGoods increased engagement onsite, reduced page load times, and improved the overall customer shopping experience.