Social Search Tools Find out What’s Trending

There has been an explosion of websites offering social search tools and the trend is growing. These tools can be summarized by the question: “What’s trending?” They pull together data from across social media platforms to find out what people are talking about, what articles they are sharing, what brands they are discussing – even whether the discussions are trending positive or negative. Beyond the fascinating window they offer into our culture, these tools offer tremendous marketing potential and an important feedback loop for any brand looking to engage with customers.

Using Social Search Tools to Effectively Market a Brand

Social search tools can be used to interact with existing customers and gain new customers on any ecommerce site. Different from the tools that harness broadly based social channels across the web, onsite social search looks at patterns of behavior by shoppers on your site and establishes groupings of like patterns. This predictive analysis allows your personalization engine to then offer product or content recommendations based upon the real time “wisdom of the crowd” that shops on your website. From this, product affinities surface quickly, retailers can identify and react to new trends and promote new products quickly, based on the needs of your shoppers.