Enhance Your Search for Optimal Shopper Discovery

Search is useless if it doesn’t lead to discovery. Your website fails when your visitors don’t find exactly what they’re looking for, fast. That’s why the best tools for search enhancement leverage user data to optimize the search experience. By capturing and observing the patterns in shopper behavior on your site, you discover key important affinities that optimize customer satisfaction and conversion rates. This includes geo-location data, keywords they are using to find you, and the links they’ve clicked on as they to explore products on your site. A more intelligent, data-based approach to search will revolutionize your site experience.

Data Driven Search

How data driven is the search feature on your website? It’s a loaded question. If your search isn’t driven by the information you can leverage about a customer, you are losing valuable data. We live in the age of search enhancement, when search is not only driven by keywords, but by the interests of the visitors themselves. Get personal. Turn your onsite search engine into a powerful tool for ecommerce personalization with Baynote Onsite Search.