Streamline Choice with a Recommendation System

In the new media age, we all suffer from information overload. There are too many blogs, videos and products to keep up on. And though our choices have multiplied, our attention spans have not. How do you get the attention of your customer in the midst of this chaos? The answer is a recommendations engine. It delivers the products your customers want, based on their recent behavior on the web. What videos have they watched? Which blogs attracted their attention? What other product caught their eye? Baynote product recommendations take advantage of the shopper’s behavioral data to deliver the perfect product and content recommendations that engage shoppers and narrow the selection to only the most interesting items.

A Recommendations Engine to Simplify Sales

A recommendations engine simplifies the shopper engagement process. By integrating user preferences, you can provide content and products that are better suited to your shopper in the moment and that will increase engagement and improve loyalty. Your shopper will have a more streamlined experience, so they stay on site longer and return for future purchases.. Product recommendations drive sales, empowering measurable ecommerce returns. Don’t let choice overwhelm your user. Baynote’s personalized recommendations provide a shopping experience that satisfies.