The Impact of a Recommendation System on Ecommerce

People who don’t write code for a living rarely give it a moment’s thought, but product recommendation systems have changed the world forever. They’ve made ecommerce more personal. No longer are products marketed to a mass audience, but to individuals based on their unique needs. That’s because we live in a world where behavior can so easily be measured and analyzed. Baynote collects and analyzes a large amount of anonymous consumer data. Then our recommendation system establishes patterns of behavior to deliver the product or content recommendations best suited to that shopper.

Drive Your Sales with Recommendation Systems

Baynote empowers retailers deliver a personalized experience for their customers. The technology beneath our recommendation system provides only the best match, so your ecommerce efforts aren’t wasted. More importantly, Baynote delivers big improvement in conversion rates, revenue and average order value. Why guess at what your customers are shopping for when recommendation systems make the answer a no brainer? Optimize your customer experience with Baynote, and live in the new ecommerce economy. With so many products available on most websites, it is easy for your customer to get lost and potential bounce off of your site. Product recommendations narrow down the selection to the right choice.