Meeting the Shoppers Needs with a Recommendation Engine

Think about it: when are you most likely to buy something? Typically, you buy something when that item meets your personal needs at that moment. Maybe you need to feel better by buying a pair of shoes, or maybe, you need a dishwasher. Regardless of the origin of the need, ecommerce recommendation engines suggest products and content based upon your need, in the moment, will find success with shoppers trying to navigate a large website of products.

Recommendation Engines: The Modern Version of a Great Salesperson

Everyone knows the difference between a great salesperson that actually helps us find what we’re looking for and the kind of salesperson that hovers, anxious for us to purchase something. The beauty of Baynote’s recommendation engine is that we observe all of the shopping sessions on your site and create machine learning affinities between shopper behavior and the products they purchase. This makes is easy for your site to offer relevant recommendations that are helpful to the shopper. Much like a great in-store salesperson, Baynote enables shoppers to enjoy the experience on your website.