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Personalized Landing Pages

Baynote landing pages match the visitor’s current intent with engaging and relevant content, offers, and products to reduce bounce and increase conversion.

step 1

Customer searches Google for “marathon training” and clicks on your ad

step 2

Baynote matches their search term to specific products based on learned affinities

step 3

And dynamically creates a product landing page, including content
and accessories

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The Result?

Your paid search landing pages are:


Product and content inclusions are optimized in the moment, per search term.


Recommendations are based on site-wide behaviors, not just actions on stand-alone landing pages.


You can drive traffic to one URL and one dynamic page - no need for hundreds of term-specific pages


Rules can be applied if and when needed, to feature, blacklist or filter, without waiting for IT to ‘get around to it’


Supports recommendations of products and content, including offers, videos and more