Great Performance from a Product Recommendation System

Boosting your ROI has never been simpler. Baynote’s product recommendation system delivers personalization across your website. You know exactly what your shopper is looking for “in the moment,” not what they shopped for last week. Our unique personalization technology is easy to implement. Most customers are up and running in 4 to 8 weeks. Results are impressive with increases in conversion rates ranging from 200-400% depending on the industry segment. Our algorithms do the math and remove the merchandising guesswork allowing you to optimize revenue, average order value and conversion.

Product Recommendations with Measurable Results

Unlike billboard advertising, it’s easy to keep score on the internet. The results of your ecommerce personalization are easy to define and measure. Baynote’s product recommendation SaaS is proven to drive revenue, average order value and shopper conversion. Baynote observes shopper behaviors such as links they’ve explored, products they’ve liked, videos they’ve engaged with and how long they spent on a specific product page. It then matches shopper patterns to deliver the ideal product or content recommendation. Baynote works like a good salesperson to observe shopper behavior, infer their preferences and then recommend meaningful products. Discover what Baynote can do for your sales growth.