A Simple Approach to a Personalized Landing Page

Let’s face it. Magazine ads are yesterday’s 8-tracks. Unlike a printed page targeted to a magazine’s overall demographics, the Internet can serve up ads according to the unique characteristics of the user, thanks to anonymous data. And just like traditional advertising, static landing pages are also going the way of the dodo bird. In the new social age, every user carries a unique identity you can discover before they even reach your site. Delivering a personalized landing page, even for first time visitors can engage that visitor quickly and turn them into a customer. Baynote personalization solutions make this easy.

Perfection Delivered in a Personalized Landing Page

In the age of big data, identifying your user can be done with simple observation. What search words are they using? What other sites have they clicked on? What kind of video did they watch? Simple web activities reveal key characteristics of your audience. Let Baynote’s data and algorithms create the perfect personalized landing page for your visitor whether they’re 19 or 99, from Malaysia or from Kentucky. Baynote personalization brings out the best salesperson in every landing page.