Keep Important Email Out of a Junk Folder with a Personal Touch

Potential customers do not generally like being bombarded with random retailer emails, and spam filters have improved to the point where many shoppers won’t see an advertisement at all. When you use our solutions to create personalized email, you are creating content based on what you know your customer likes, and you can alert customers to new products and special sales. This sort of contact only increases the effectiveness of an already enhanced shopping experience that tailors recommendations site wide directly to a customers’ preferences. When products and services are offered that complement a current or past purchase, retailers create a personalized experience that enhance the shopping experience.

Personalized Email Gives Customers Their Own Personal Shopper

Many upscale brick and mortar retailers will have their employees call their best customers to alert them to special sales or new products and services that complement past purchases. By providing personalized email to their customers, online retailers can offer the same sort of personal service. People like to be pampered and made to feel special. When you enhance your existing web site with our solutions, you make your shoppers feel like you are going the extra mile on their behalf. When customers feel pampered, they are more likely to make purchases and more likely to become repeat shoppers.