Personalized Ecommerce Increases Customer Conversion Rates

Brick and mortar retail stores used have an advantage over online retailers: personalized service. Employees of the stores know their customers’ preferences by interacting with them and remembering their likes, dislikes and past purchases. They typically are able to suggest additional items to purchase which complement existing items. Our technology allows online retailers to offer personalized ecommerce in much the same way. Our solutions integrate into existing ecommerce platforms to personalize landing pages, search results, home, category and product detail pages as well as cart pages and email interactions. These enhancements translate directly into higher conversion rates and higher order values.

In the Information Age, Personalized Ecommerce Makes Sense

Today, people have information available at their fingertips. In fact, it’s possible that people have too much information at their disposal, and this makes it difficult at times to shop online without being bombarded by irrelevant information. Our solutions integrate easily with existing ecommerce systems, allowing a retailer to offer personalized ecommerce. Because a customer’s online behavior reveals so much about that person, it’s possible to tailor the goods and service offered to each shopper. When products and services are offered that complement a current or past purchase, retailers create a personalized experience that makes customers feel pampered and appreciated.