Personalized E Commerce That Supports User Intent

There’s no doubt that with the advent of technology, things are easier than ever. They are also busier than ever. Searching the Internet is no longer an occasional activity to yield factual information; it’s a way  of life. We search for definitions, opinions, images, and ways to make our lives easier – more connected. And we shop. Isn’t it time personalized e commerce became as intuitive as our latest Google search? Baynote has boiled it down to user intent using real time data to improve sales. Simply put: retailers can anticipate what each customer wants based on their search terms and onsite behavior.

Online Shopping Just Got Easier with Personalized E Commerce

Have you ever found yourself looking for that perfect pair of shoes that seemingly exist in the real world, but somehow got lost along the way? Before you know it, you find yourself at someone’s blog who espouses the benefits of using raw honey in a variety of cuisines. It’s not that you don’t appreciate raw honey, but you’re looking for shoes. Or you were looking for shoes; oh well. But what if a retailer presented said shoes to you once you arrived at their site? It might feel a bit like magic: how did they know? They knew enough to employ a bit of personalized e commerce using a record of your online searches.