When You Personalize Experiences, You Create Customer Loyalty

One of the key features of the classic, upscale brick and mortar retail stores is a personalized experience for customers so that they feel pampered. Retailers know the customer’s name, what he or she had purchased in the past, and what products they might want to purchase in the future to complement items they already own. This sort of pampering has become more popular, and there is no reason online shoppers cannot enjoy the same treatment. Our solutions work to match a customer’s interests, intent and context to the products and content relevant to them in that shopping outing. Meeting your customers’ needs in this way, makes customers feel valued, and more likely to come back for a repeat visit.

When You Personalize in Real Time, Customers Feel Special

With so many shopping methods across multiple platforms, customers demand the highest level of shopping experience from their phones, tablets, and computers and they want it immediately. Retailers who choose not to offer a personalize experience to their shoppers, risk becoming irrelevant. Our solutions integrate into existing ecommerce platforms to personalize landing pages, search results, home, category and product detail pages as well as cart pages and email interactions. These enhancements translate directly into higher conversion rates and higher order values. Personalization brings the products and services of interest to your customer to their attention immediately, allowing them so accessorize a potential purchase. When a shopping is enhanced, it becomes more memorable and customers are likely to become repeat shoppers.