Baynote works closely with our customers as you select, deploy and optimize your personalization strategies. Using a powerful combination of people, processes and deep experience, we deliver the right services at the right time to guarantee your success.


Our People

Our People

Our Greatest Asset

Our Professional Services Organization is a dedicated team of engagement managers, solutions engineers, e-commerce and content optimization analysts who have a combined 80,000+ hours of experience in e-commerce personalization.

This high performance team works with you to understand your objectives and KPIs as we scope, deploy, integrate and optimize our solutions on your site. Our goals are your goals and we want to ensure that you realize your specific performance targets with Baynote personalization.

Our Process

Our Process

Best Practices

Our deep experience guides the best practices that we apply to your implementation. With most deployments taking just 30-45 days, we follow these simple steps to ensure that you are up and running fast—efficiently and effectively.

  • Define your objectives, goals and KPIs
  • Establish a clear and simple deployment plan by site and solution
  • Provision your SaaS instance
  • Deploy the Baynote observer tag so we start to acquire data
  • Gather merchandising data like catalog and other information
  • Normalize all URLs
  • Define, test and deploy personalization zones by template or page type
  • Test and measure results
  • Continually work to refine strategies and performance over time

Our Performance

Our Performance

Your Service Options

We want you to be successful with Baynote solutions throughout our partnership. To do this, we offer a variety of services depending on your needs.

  • 24X7 Customer Support
    Always on, always available, for any situation. Plus, anytime access to a self-service portal.
  • Dedicated Account Team
    A team of business and technical Baynoters who understand your site, your implementation and your goals.
  • Annual Site Performance Reviews
    At least once a year we analyze the performance of personalization on your site. We look at influenced revenue, AOV, rec users and conversion rates to ensure that we are delivering real value.
  • Professional Consulting
    Every company is different. Additional consulting packages may be purchased, depending on your situation and needs.

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