Offer Recommendations to Engage Online Customers

High end department stores used to have personal shoppers for their customers, and well trained employees got to know the people who frequented their stores. Skilled employees learn a lot about their customers’ preferences simply by observing their behavior, understanding their current needs and recalling past purchases. Recently, there has been a resurgence in this sort of highly personalized service in stores, and online retailers are dealing with the problem by applying technology. With the optimized online recommendation system Baynote offers, retailers deliver a personalized shopping experience to thousands of customers simultaneously, matching thousands of catalog items to their individual interests.

Enhance the Shopping Experience with an Online Recommendation System

Shoppers provide a wealth of data as they browse and shop online. From the search terms they use to find your products, to the pages they linger on, to the products they buy and more, each bit of information allows Baynote to create an online recommendation system that is dynamic and responsive. By matching one customer’s shopping patterns to those of others, it’s possible to predict the exact items they are most likely interested in purchasing. In an instant, products and accessories are pulled from your existing catalogs to be displayed on landing pages, product or category pages, search results, email confirmations and more.