Optimize Your Online Customer Experience

Tailor Each Online Customer Experience for the Moment

When a customer shops in a traditional brick and mortar store, they may be there to enjoy the experience of shopping rather looking for a specific item. Many shoppers enjoy browsing, and won’t buy until something strikes their fancy or they find a bargain. Baynote gives you the ability to tailor the online customer experience so that even your online customers can browse if they’d like to. After all, the shopping experience does not begin and end at the register. And when they find something that piques their interest, our technology enhances their experience by matching products with their search.

Simplify Your Online Customer Experience

Some customers like to browse, but others like to be in and out as soon as possible. Our optimization technology enhances the online customer experience for both types of shoppers. If a customer is looking to travel, take up hiking, or engage in any sort of activity that makes multiple purchases likely, our service allows you to offer your customer timely suggestions for other products without bombarding them with irrelevant products or content. We enhance your interactions with your customers in real time, providing an experience that is both productive and pleasurable for them while contributing to your business.