Make Sure Your On-Site Search Gets Customers Where They Want to Go

The last thing you want for your business is to have potential customer bounce off of your ecommerce site because they cannot find what they are looking for with your on-site search. Many search tools only match terms, but shoppers are often unsure how to describe exactly what they want or misspell or mistype their search. How often have you asked yourself, what’s the name of that thing I saw? Baynote enhances your on site search to make it more user friendly and effective, utilizing past searches and customer data to help shoppers to quickly find what they are looking for.

Improve On Site Search

Just as it’s possible for our service to adapt your site to meet a specific customer’s interests, we can optimize your on site search to produce results that are most relevant to your shoppers. Though all of your customers are unique, people tend to search for what they want in fairly predictable ways. With Baynote all of these behaviors and terms are observed. Our machine learning algorithms establish patters which help to predict what your shopper sis truly looking for and provide them with a fluid shopping process that leaves them satisfied with the experience rather than frustrated. Baynote draws affinities between all of the thousands of items in your catalog to provide not only the search results your customers want, but also suggest additional items directly related to their search.