Retailers Value Analytics to Improve Profits Across Channels and Devices, Yet Tracking the Right Metrics Remains Elusive

San Jose, Calif., April 23, 2012 Baynote, a leading provider of personalized customer experience solutions, today revealed new findings in a white paper by the e-tailing group titled, “Metrics Therapy– Details, Dashboards and Diligence.” The paper, which includes data from the e-tailing group’s 2012 Merchant Survey and was developed after completing over 20 in-depth interviews with a cross-section of top retailers, examines how merchants are thinking about and approaching metrics to improve business performance. The paper also features “A Merchant’s Metrics Playbook” to help retailers determine a forward-thinking strategy that takes into account the right metrics and methodologies for running their business.

Baynote collaborated with the e-tailing group to better understand the current state of e-commerce analytics and identify the key metrics that will drive the industry forward. Overall, the report findings revealed that 93 percent of retailers view analytics evaluation as their number one merchandising/navigational priority from a customer retention point-of-view. However, retailers on average have failed to reach optimum data analysis capabilities, citing information silos, limited data access across organizations, and lack of education about which metrics are the most valuable as the top hurdles. An infographic of the research findings is available at:

“Data will be the driving force behind growing businesses where gaining a clear picture of one’s customer will suggest ideal marketing and personalization strategies,” said Lauren Freedman, president, the e-tailing group.

Additional findings of the e-tailing group “Metrics Therapy – Details, Dashboards and Diligence,” white paper include:

–        It’s about profit, not conversion:

–        Personalization measurement in its infancy:

–        Mobile and tablets delivered:

–        Social stuck in measuring “soft ROI,” but looks to evolve:

–        Multi-channel view on the horizon:

“While retailers are making analytics evaluation their number one priority, the vast majority are still struggling to measure and optimize the customer experience across multiple devices and channels,” said Dan Darnell, vice president of marketing, Baynote. “For retailers, measurement is still a work in progress – our Merchant’s Metrics Playbook is a great resource for e-commerce teams that are serious about taking their analytics capabilities to the next level.”

To download the complete white paper and a free copy of “A Merchant’s Metric Playbook” please visit: The e-tailing group and Baynote will be giving a joint webinar on metrics that matter most to retailers, titled, “Metrics Therapy for Merchants,” on Wednesday, April 25th. To register for the webinar, please visit:

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The e-tailing group 2012 Merchant Survey was completed by 147 merchants in 1Q12. “Metrics Therapy – Details, Dashboards and Diligence” a white paper by Lauren Freedman of the e-tailing group, was sponsored by Baynote and comprised over 20 in-depth interviews with top merchants in 1Q12.