Baynote Joins Demandware LINK to Accelerate Ecommerce Innovation

Pre-built Integration Makes it Faster, Easier for Demandware Clients to Deploy Baynote’s Personalized Customer Experience Solutions

San Jose, Calif., June 4, 2012— Baynote, a leading provider of personalized customer experience solutions, today announced that it has become a Demandware LINK Technology Partner, joining a best-of-breed community committed to accelerating the adoption of innovative commerce technologies that are complementary to the Demandware® Commerce platform. Through the LINK Technology Partner Program, Baynote has developed a pre-built integration with Demandware Commerce, making it possible for Demandware clients to implement its personalized customer experience solutions in a fraction of the time normally required.

Baynote provides personalized customer experience solutions for multi-channel retailers. With Baynote, retailers understand what buyers are looking for and engage them in the most relevant way – in the moment – whether they’re interacting with a brand on an ecommerce website, a smartphone, a tablet or through a digitally enabled in-store sales associate. Baynote’s SaaS solution connects to systems in the ecommerce environment, allowing retailers to manage and deliver consistent experiences across paid search landing pages, onsite search results pages, category, product and cart pages, chat interactions and email – all without deep IT involvement or expensive system upgrades.

The Demandware LINK Technology Partner Program provides Demandware clients with a rich set of pre-built integrations to cutting-edge commerce technologies and applications that can unlock revenue generating opportunities and enhance the brand experience. By reducing the cost and complexity of integrations, Demandware LINK allows retailers to adopt innovative third-party technologies quickly and cost-effectively, enabling them to accelerate time to market and realize a faster return on their investment.

BE EXCELLENT, an IT services consultancy specializing in international ecommerce platforms, played a critical role in developing Baynote’s integration with Demandware. As Baynote’s EMEA partner, BE EXCELLENT also has extensive knowledge in personalization and customer experience.

“Baynote’s leading personalization technology complements the Demandware Commerce platform extremely well,” said Jamus Driscoll, senior VP of marketing for Demandware. “As a LINK partner, Baynote will allow our customers to understand what their shoppers are looking for ‘in the moment,’ which when combined with the robust merchandising of Demandware Commerce platform will help drive ROI through every channel.”

“We are excited to be a part of the Demandware LINK Technology Partner Program,” said Dan Darnell, VP of marketing at Baynote. “Beyond our industry leading product recommendations, Baynote’s unique technology allows Demandware customers to deliver relevant content and offers using a single system. Access to truly personalized content drives a superior customer experience that will increase engagement, revenue and loyalty for Demandware customers.”

About Demandware

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About Baynote
Baynote is a leading provider of personalized customer experience solutions for multi-channel retailers. Using Baynote’s patented approach, retailers personalize the shopping experience in the moment across touch points, increasing consumer engagement, conversions and order values. Based in San Jose, Calif., with offices in the U.K. and Germany, Baynote’s personalization solutions are trusted by more than 300 of the world’s most well-known brands, including Anthropologie, Bluefly, BT, Campbell’s, Dell, J. Crew, Jockey and Urban Outfitters.
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