Baynote Enhances VUE Console with Self-Service A/B Testing to Optimize Website Personalization for Ecommerce Merchandisers

San Jose, Calif. – Oct. 28, 2014 Baynote, a leading provider of personalized customer experience solutions, today announced the release and availability of A/B testing as a free addition to its VUE merchandising console. This integrated capability allows merchants and marketers business users to quickly and easily setup tests to compare merchandising strategies and optimize their results.

The self-service A/B testing capability in VUE allows merchants and marketers responsible for driving revenue for their sites and applications, to create, run, and review tests on their own. By integrating testing into the design process, merchants and marketers can ensure their personalization strategies are optimized for each page on their site and each email type they send. Because this is a true self-service solution, merchants and marketers can continuously optimize and make sure that they are making decisions based on data to improve their site experience and their bottom line.

“We released VUE in January, and testing is one of the features that our customers are most excited about,” said Dan Darnell, vice president of product and marketing for Baynote. “With testing included in VUE, our users aren’t dependent on other teams and don’t have to wait behind other people to test and optimize their merchandising strategies.”

Testing and optimization has become critical to many businesses in the retail and travel arenas as well as other sectors. However, testing has been the bastion of vendors and specialized teams. This specialization creates a bottleneck for marketers who have to get in line to run tests, making tests infrequent and time consuming. Rather than having a separate process for testing at a site level, leading organizations have realized that testing needs to be incorporated directly into each design process. This integration allows for optimization of each element of the site.

“We have already integrated testing directly into our processes,” said John Montagne, director of site merchandising for Hayneedle. “Online merchandisers must be data-driven. Allowing merchandisers to easily test and understand what works is the only way to make sure that they are making sound decisions that will deliver more revenue.”


Baynote VUE A/B Testing Features

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Baynote VUE

Baynote VUE is a simple, self-service web application that puts automated merchandizing directly into the hands of merchandisers. It includes guided, best practice driven tasks, simple yet powerful KPI reporting and intuitive merchandising controls. VUE enables online merchandisers to respond quickly to catalog changes, market conditions and trends while easily sharing ROI and performance metrics company-wide.

Baynote VUE includes additional advanced online merchandising features like A/B testing, pinning and blacklisting items or groups of items, advanced content filtering and custom content grouping.

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Baynote is a leading provider of personalized customer experience solutions for retail, travel and B2B. Using Baynote’s patented approach, customers are able to personalize the shopping experience “in the moment,” displaying compelling offers, content and products that increase engagement, conversion and average order value. Baynote rapidly integrates with existing websites, onsite search, chat or email systems to increase ROI without deep IT involvement or expensive system upgrades. Based in San Jose, California, Baynote’s personalization solutions are trusted by more than 300 of the world’s most well-known brands, including, Crate and Barrel, Jockey, 3M, and more. For more information about Baynote, visit