Merchandising Application

Merchandising applications are used by many of the world’s most sophisticated retailers to drive revenue across all retail channels, both in-store and online. With the correct application, retailers are able to streamline marketing efforts across retail channels easily and efficiently.

By taking advantage of merchandising software, savvy retailers perform a wide variety of functions, including ecommerce merchandising across the site without the typical bottlenecks of working with IT organizations or relying on a power user to make simple, cross site changes and updates.

Self-Service Website Merchandising

To ensure success in the competitive retail environment, merchandisers, and marketers need to have easy-to-use tools on hand that give them the ability to personalize and improve the overall customer experience. As e-commerce continues to evolve and become more competitive, all levels of management must have the resources available to optimize shopper engagement.

Baynote VUE was developed to give retail teams the ability to deliver site-wide personalization to create an engaging online experience through a simple web-based platform. Using a consumer-style interface design, merchandisers are guided to easily create, test and deploy personalization strategies site-wide as well as track results through VUE’s powerful reporting capabilities.