Tailor Landing Page Optimization in Real Time

When a traditional brick and mortar retail store sets up its store front windows to entice potential customers, there’s no way for employees to match the interests of individual shoppers, they simply have to guess what’s appealing. Further, store fronts and in-store displays tend to stay in place for days or even weeks. However, with our service, your landing page optimization can be done quickly and is tailored to the specific interests of thousands of different shoppers at the same time. When you optimize, you engage shoppers quickly, build your customer base and measurably increase your conversion rates to strengthen your business.

How Does Landing Page Optimization Work?

For people to find your ecommerce site or products, many will use a search engine like Google. Once a potential customer selects your business from the list of search results, our service tracks the search terms used and dynamically alters your landing page to match their interests, drawing from thousands of catalog items to display not only the desired product but also appropriate accessories. Though each customer has his or her own individual tastes, it is part of human nature to want what others have, and with landing page optimization we use data collected from thousands of other consumers to infer with a high level of probability what shoppers are likely to buy.