Increase Revenue with Each Landing Page Conversion

We’ve all heard it before. You never get another chance to make a first impression. When it comes to the ultra-competitive world of online retail, landing page conversion is critical to your bottom line. Baynote allows you to tailor your landing pages to a shopper’s search terms. When they enter words into a search engine such as Google to find your business or a product, Baynote matches their search to your product catalog and dynamically creates a personalized landing page for that shopper in real time. You make a positive, lasting first impression that turns new customers into repeat customers.

How Does Dynamic Landing Page Conversion Work?

Though every shopper is a unique individual with their own preferences and tastes, Baynote takes advantage of the human tendency to want what others want and to seek information using similar methods. We analyze the decisions and buying patterns of thousands of individual shoppers, allowing us to infer patterns of likely behavior. Imagine your customer finds what he or she is looking for right way, along with the appropriate accessories to go with a product. As your landing page conversion rates climb, so will your sales. And consumers who are happy with their first experience are likely to shop with you again.