Know Your Customer’s Lifestyle to Increase Conversion Rate

These days technology seems to be on a runaway track. With so much extra clutter in our busy lives, it’s refreshing to know that some technologies are actually making things easier. Baynote is leading the charge in the world of ecommerce by anticipating a shopper’s intention when on line and helping each online shopper hit a bull’s eye each and every time they begin to search for a given item or service. The net result for retailers is increased conversion rates.

Increase Conversion Rates by Offering Relevant Options

It stands to reason that someone who owns a four bedroom house on two acres of land is going to have different home improvement needs than someone renting a condo in a coop. This is information that any salesperson could quickly glean when chatting with a customer in-store, but how can businesses isolate these crucial details to increase conversion rates when selling online? Baynote’s powerful machine learning algorithms observe shopper behavior online, infer their intent in the moment and then act to recommend content and products that engage shoppers and get them to convert to purchase.