Improve Customer Experience by Understanding Every Customer

Want to improve customer experience? That’s simple. Get to know them. Learn everything you can about them. Find out what they like, what they’re looking for, what makes them click (literally). In the new social media age, there is simply no excuse not to get to know each customer. With Baynote ecommerce sites personalize your visitor’s experience, using known machine learning technology to optimize sales. The math doesn’t lie.

Software Simplifies the Obtuse Data

How do you customize the shopping experience for every visitor? It’s easier than you think, and can be done in real time. Baynote software studies your customer’s behavior – the search terms they use, their click paths, what they buy, what they look at and how long they dwell to understand the context and intent of each shopping visit. This way, the right merchandise can be presented at the right time. Data takes away the guesswork. Improve customer experience by tailoring the products and content that you recommend to your shoppers to their tastes and specifications. This is the age of big data. Step into the future to drive that sales curve up and to the right.