Let us Show You How to Improve Engagement

Improving customer conversion rates is both an art and a science. Some people have a specific item they want, and they get in and out quickly. Other people like to browse and be inspired to buy a product. Often, they may not have considered combining an already owned item with a new accessory until you show them. One of the ways how to improve engagement is to match an item you know a customer has already purchased with accessories purchased by others who also own that item. While each shopper is an individual, people are often influenced by the decisions made others and in this way, communities and groups are formed.

It’s Not Just How you Improve Engagement, It’s Also Where

In a traditional brick and mortar store, retailers can’t adapt displays and advertisements to the preferences of specific customers very quickly. They have to guess what will entice the largest number of shoppers and stick with it, right or wrong. With Baynote, online retailers don’t need to worry about those kinds of merchandising constraints. By gleaning data from the decisions and habits of thousands of individual customers, online merchandisers can, in real time, tailor landing pages, confirmation emails, product and category pages and home pages to their customer’s individual preferences. There’s no need to guess at how to improve engagement, we offer solutions with proven results.