Knowing How to Engage Customers Improves Their Experience

A successful, enjoyable shopping experience doesn’t just come at the point of sale. Shopping should be a bit of a thrill. Some people hunt for bargains or the perfect accessory, others want they very latest items the moment they become available. Knowing how to engage customers, with all their varied tastes and preferences, is the challenge that all business face. Successful businesses keep their shoppers happy, showing customers what they want, right when they want it. A skilled employee in a traditional retail store may be able to engage a few customers at a time, but what happens when a few customers become thousands?

Engage Your Customers in an Ultra-competitive Environment?

It is impossible for a single employee, no matter how skilled, to handle the volume of customers shopping online today. People shop at all hours of the day and can spend mere seconds browsing. Speed and efficiency are critical for your bottom line. If you’re not certain how to engage your customers and keep their attention until the moment of conversion, we can help. By analyzing thousands of points of data gathered from the browsing habits, clicks, dwell times, search terms, purchases and more, Baynote suggests items from across your product catalog and brings them to your customers’ attention across a variety of personalization zones.