Giga Om Structure:Data

Mar 20th → Mar 21st, 2013

How it went:

At GigaOm Structure on 3/20-3/21, we heard from Scott Brave, in addition to these speakers:
Timothy Estes – Founder and CEO, Digital Reasoning
Jan Puzicha – Co-Founder and CTO, Recommind
Moderated by: Derrick Harris – Senior Writer, GigaOM
According to latest trends in the market, the next focus seems to be on machine learning and big data. In this panel discussion, Baynote’s Scott Brave spoke to:
  • The vision for the next few years and how machines will be used to augment human thinking and cognition.
  • Impacts to both the workplace and systems implementations to aid in that decision making by “humans”

See updates from the event via GigaOm: