Tweak Your Site for Every Visitor to Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

The beauty of the web is that it is always evolving. Every web page can be personalized so it’s uniquely different for each visitor. E-commerce conversion rates are best optimized when every visitor sees content that’s distinctly designed to meet their needs in that moment. From home pages to follow on emails like shipping confirmation, every level of the ecommerce shopping experience can be personalized. Machine learning and personalization solutions from Baynote make it simple.

Observe Your Customers Habits, and Watch Your E-commerce Conversion Rate Soar

The first step in optimized web personalization is observing customer behavior on your site. Baynote’s software tracks each visitor’s activity, which keywords brought them to the site, and what products ultimately make the sale. In this way, we help retailers understand what their customers are shopping for each time they shop. Websites that respond to shopper intent and context typically see a higher e-commerce conversion rate as a result.
Personalized ecommerce software solutions use these observed behavior patterns to determine the “ah-ha” moment, when reaching for the debit or credit card comes naturally. Like a good salesman, it’s important that these systems identify the true need of the shopper and deliver relevant product choices that meet that need. With machine learning and algorithms tuned specifically to ecommerce, improving conversion rates is simply a matter of data driven math.

Personalize for Context and Conversion

Once the ah-ha moment is reached, it’s key that the right products are presented. In today’s ecommerce world, personalization can be dynamic and instantaneous. Personalized e commerce is a great way to optimize your ecommerce conversion rate. At Baynote, our proof is in our data. Maximize your sales with the right pitch to each visitor, each and every time. Gone are the days when one size fits all. Improving your ecommerce conversion performance is just a matter of data driven personalization.