ECommerce Personalization Increases Your Conversion Rates

One of things customers demand today is a shopping experience tailored to their exact preferences. This trend is so popular that traditional brick and mortar stores are reviving the use of personal shoppers to enhance their customers’ overall experience. But in the current, lightning fast, ultra-competitive ecommerce marketplace, matching one skilled employee to one customer at a time just won’t cut it. With e commerce personalization, you can give thousands of your customers the personal shopper treatment simultaneously. Further, we integrate our technology with yours without a prolonged IT implementation.

How Does E Commerce Personalization Work?

In a traditional retail store, a skilled employee observes what customers browse and recall the past purchases of shoppers to make informed suggestions for additional products. Online, customers provide a wealth of similar information. When a customer lingers on a page, it indicates interest and when they click on an item to learn more, you can be assured they are seriously considering buying that product. People also like to follow trends, and you can use the behavior of other customers to make suggestions based on known patterns of behavior. With the use of e commerce personalization, you can significantly increase your conversion rates as well as average order value.