Reach More Customers with a Content Recommendation Engine

Learning a customer’s habits and preferences used to be an art as much as it was a skill in traditional brick and mortar retail stores. An employee would get to know his or her customers, learning about past purchases and preferences and then make recommendations for additional purchases based on that information. A content recommendation engine does the same thing for your business that a single skilled employee can do, but on a much greater scale. Baynote empowers retailers to customize the shopping experience of thousands of online customers simultaneously, rather than one at a time. Further, catalog items are presented almost instantly. No more waiting for an employee to check in the stockroom.

A Content Recommendation Engine Lets You Know Your Customers

With our service, there are many opportunities to observe a customer’s behavior, just as a good employee might in a traditional retail store. Baynote observes thousands of shopping sessions onsite and creates patterns of shopper behavior. Observing when a shopper lingers on a page or clicks on an item provides valuable information to Baynote about their current intent. Combined with data from past purchases, Baynote next infers what a shopper is likely to be interested in and our content recommendation engine selects relevant items to show your customer’s what they’re bound to like. You enhance their shopping experience and increase your sales and conversion rates. And happy shoppers are more likely to become return customers.