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Manual vs Automated Personalization

By Srdjan Kovacevic in Featured, Technology and Science on December 4, 2012

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Personalizing an experience is not easy. Personalization cannot be treated just as a feature and can require significant effort. The good news is that personalization doesn’t have to be a manual process. When using a manual process for personalization (which typically involves writing a bunch of rules) it’s impossible to scale. Whether you have to deal with large catalogs with ever growing number of ... Read More »

The Price of Personalization

By Marti Tedesco in Technology and Science on November 20, 2012

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Data isn’t free.  Gathering information on customers and shoppers has a real price.  Back in the good old days of brick and mortar, you could predict the level of customer experience based on the address of the physical store (rent), the quality of their sales people (salaries) and the goods that they carried (inventory). You could also predict that their prices might be higher – ... Read More »