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New Trends and Better Experiences Led by Sales Leaders

By Jen Burns in Customer Experience, Featured, Technology and Science on May 13, 2014

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Sales leaders want their teams to sell more and close more, faster. Yet, some sales leaders are searching for an improved sales performance from their teams, while driving the same old processes and playing the same old game. At the recent Sales 2.0 conference, Tiffani Bova, VP and Distinguished Analyst from Gartner, said “What got us here, isn’t going to get us there”

What is an API?

By Richard Bakare in Featured, Technology and Science on November 15, 2013

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Enhance Visitor Experience with Free Web Services Today people are constantly updating, posting and sharing videos, pictures and more. Yet with so many different areas of the internet to update, Facebook connect and others have simplified the log in process across other channels and websites. Actually some websites will only allow you to log in through those other partner channels.  How do these websites share information and talk ... Read More »

Contagious Behavior

By Jen Burns in eCommerce, Technology and Science on October 17, 2013

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Wharton professor, Jonah Berger, originally became interested in the psychology of human behavior because of everyday things like people watching. He found he favored commercials over programs on TV. After reading the book, The Tipping Point, a best seller by Malcom Gladwell, he wanted to learn more.  Specifically, he was intrigued by  why people did the things they did, shared them and recommended them to others. Was is personal? ... Read More »

Data Scientist, Data Engineer and Data Analyst

By Vinay Verma in Featured, Technology and Science on June 27, 2013

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The role of data scientist grew alongside the internet as did a few other related engineering jobs. Data engineers and data analysts work with data scientists to complete the whole “big-data” picture. They work together to determine the data platform requirement, basic and advanced algorithms, and to deliver the visual tools needed to analyze and present the data and value creation back ... Read More »

Collaborative Filtering and Its Importance to Personalized Recommendations in eCommerce

By Dan Darnell in Featured, Technology and Science on April 18, 2013

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How does a retailer make sense of a large amount of customer purchase data?  Collaborative filtering is one technique that mathematically segments data in to like or “collaborative” groupings.   Examples for online retail recommendations include filters such as “customer who bought this, also bought that” or “customers who looked at this item, also looked at these other items.”  Amazon ... Read More »

Hard-to-Sell Social Phones?

By Jen Burns in Featured, Technology and Science on April 4, 2013

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For those located in the Bay Area, you know of the San Jose Mercury Newspaper.  Lately, an employee has been bringing it into the office.  Most people pass it by on the break room table, opting to read news on their phones or listen to NPR as they drive into work, but today a Facebook headline caught my eye. “Facebook phone a hard sell” Facebook hasn’t ... Read More »

Pandora Founder – On Implicit Data and Engagement

By Dan Darnell in Featured, Social Network, Technology and Science on April 3, 2013

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At the Wells Fargo Tech Transformation Summit today, I  listened to a variety of tech leaders discussing what’s going on in a variety of sectors. The lunch session had a surprise speaker, Tim Westergren, the founder of Pandora. His comments were so relevant I wanted to share some of what he had to say. In response to a question about how ... Read More »

Complements in Data Science

By Dan Darnell in Featured, Technology and Science on

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Lately you may have seen buzz words like “data science”, “big data” and “algorithms” making headlines on sites like TechCrunch, PandoDaily and others, where they are being actively debated and questioned. While a surprise to some, the concept of data science is nothing new and has been a backbone of personalization and other machine learning technologies for years. But for retail companies, the concept of ... Read More »

Infinite Loop?

By Marti Tedesco in Featured, Technology and Science on January 4, 2013

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In the long ago land of mainframe computing, a sequence of instructions in a computer program which looped endlessly without any sort of terminating condition was called an infinite loop.  In some old operating systems these loops might cause the entire system to become unresponsive or freeze.  Not good.   Today’s machine learning has a loop of its own – a feedback loop, which ideally ... Read More »

Why Personalization is Different than Targeting

By Srdjan Kovacevic in Featured, Technology and Science on December 11, 2012

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A shopper comes to your website and you (as a business) have 500 Christmas mugs you need to get rid of on Black Friday.  If you featured the mugs to all of your visitors, it wouldn’t be targeting nor personalization because you’re hoping anyone will buy the mugs, instead of selecting an audience who would be more likely to. If you segment or ... Read More »