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Content is King – Finding the Content You Are Looking For

By Jen Burns in Engagement & Conversion, Featured on April 30, 2013

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“Content is King.” You have probably heard this line a million times before. After the Internet exploded and just about anyone who wasn’t “anonymous” became considered a reliable source online, data creation skyrocketed. “Information overload” is defined as “stress induced by reception of more information than is necessary to make a decision (or that can be understood ... Read More »

April Personalization Round Up

By Dan Darnell in Featured, Personalization on April 26, 2013

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This month, we’ve seen a lot of coverage around the topic of personalization and the important role it plays in increasing customer engagement, loyalty, average order value (AOV) and sales for online retailers. Below, are this month’s top articles discussing the drive toward and benefits of personalization. We  hope that they will inspire conversations, questions and feedback. “Make Customer Interactions Personal for More Loyalty ... Read More »

Collaborative Filtering and Its Importance to Personalized Recommendations in eCommerce

By Dan Darnell in Featured, Technology and Science on April 18, 2013

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How does a retailer make sense of a large amount of customer purchase data?  Collaborative filtering is one technique that mathematically segments data in to like or “collaborative” groupings.   Examples for online retail recommendations include filters such as “customer who bought this, also bought that” or “customers who looked at this item, also looked at these other items.”  Amazon ... Read More »

Personalization for the Unknown, Known and Named User

By Dan Darnell in Featured, Personalization on April 9, 2013

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Anonymity on the internet is substantially less than it was 15 years ago. Yet retailers are still challenged when trying to provide the ideal experience to customers. On an e-commerce site, it is helpful to think of users in three categories: unknown or new users about whom you know nothing, known users about whom you know something and named users about ... Read More »

Hard-to-Sell Social Phones?

By Jen Burns in Featured, Technology and Science on April 4, 2013

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For those located in the Bay Area, you know of the San Jose Mercury Newspaper.  Lately, an employee has been bringing it into the office.  Most people pass it by on the break room table, opting to read news on their phones or listen to NPR as they drive into work, but today a Facebook headline caught my eye. “Facebook phone a hard sell” Facebook hasn’t ... Read More »

Pandora Founder – On Implicit Data and Engagement

By Dan Darnell in Featured, Social Network, Technology and Science on April 3, 2013

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At the Wells Fargo Tech Transformation Summit today, I  listened to a variety of tech leaders discussing what’s going on in a variety of sectors. The lunch session had a surprise speaker, Tim Westergren, the founder of Pandora. His comments were so relevant I wanted to share some of what he had to say. In response to a question about how ... Read More »

Complements in Data Science

By Dan Darnell in Featured, Technology and Science on

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Lately you may have seen buzz words like “data science”, “big data” and “algorithms” making headlines on sites like TechCrunch, PandoDaily and others, where they are being actively debated and questioned. While a surprise to some, the concept of data science is nothing new and has been a backbone of personalization and other machine learning technologies for years. But for retail companies, the concept of ... Read More »

Personalize Like You Really Mean It

By Marti Tedesco in Featured, Personalization on March 28, 2013

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In our latest infographic – Happy to Be Here, we show how the engaged retail sales associate is more productive, experiences greater job satisfaction and produces happier customers who spend more.  So I was thrilled to see this Simon Graj piece today in Read More »

March Personalization Roundup

By Dan Darnell in Featured, Personalization on March 26, 2013

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Over the past month, we’ve seen a steady flow of articles discussing machine learning, online privacy and personalization. While each of these topics is interesting in and of itself, the intersection of the three is where the debate must take place. What data should machines be allowed to consume to provide consumers with a personalized experience—while not infringing on personal privacy? What role do humans play ... Read More »

Want A Little More Control in Your Shopping Experience?

By Jen Burns in eCommerce, Featured, Retail on March 22, 2013

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“No piles, no mess, just an easier way for customers to control the store through their mobile application” Hointers, a new robotic/ecommerce retail store, is targeted at get-in-and-out-with-what-I-need-male shoppers, offering the ability to shop in store in a very different way. The shopper tries the jeans on by scanning them, and then they robo-magically appear in a dressing room alongside an easy “these don’t fit” chute and a mobile device ... Read More »