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The Facebook Update: What's New in Facebook's Integrated Platform?

By Jen Burns in Events, Social Network on March 6, 2013

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The intersection of Facebook and ecommerce may be appealing to apparel retailers, but for others, it fosters mixed emotions. Nicolas Franchet, Head of ecommerce at Facebook, spoke on the new marketing integrated platform that Facebook is offering to ecommerce companies. It’s fab-ulous for apparel retailers An excellent case study, one of the fastest growing online retailers, ... Read More »

Not all eCommerce Organizations are Created Equal

By Marti Tedesco in eCommerce, Events on March 5, 2013

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Life is hard for the ecommerce professionals within traditional brick and mortar retailers.  This was clear from talking with retailers this week in Palm Springs.  It’s hard for two reasons. First, retailers who start online like,, and the Knot have the advantage of having their entire ecommerce organization focused on optimizing the customer experience.  Most have been laser focused on ... Read More »

Forrester Focuses on the Total Ecommerce Experience

By Jen Burns in Events, Featured, Mobile Commerce, Onsite Search, Personalization on February 27, 2013

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Popular Forrester analyst, Brian Walker was fighting a bit of a cold today, but “being hopped up on the cough medicine” didn’t stop him from doing a winning presentation this morning at eTail West. Stats were the opening slide to the conversation with over 29% of adults owning a tablet or an e-reader, 15% of ecommerce use being on mobile and 10% of their time spent with media. Mobile is ... Read More »

Paperless Relevancy

By Jen Burns in Customer Experience, Events, Mobile Commerce on

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How does a company who sells a lot of paper stay valid in a world where paper is disappearing? Innovate. And it’s clear that Office Depot has done just that. In the eTail West session “Leveraging Web and Mobile Technologies to Drive Cross-channel Conversion” Stephanie Pike, VP of ecommerce at Office Depot, talks about best practices retailers can use to stay relevant in a world that’s rapidly changing. Mobile, mobile… ... Read More »

Maximize Resources for eCommerce Growth

By Jen Burns in Events on February 26, 2013

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In the first keynote session, Maximizing Resources and Scaling Your E-commerce Business Growth, we heard from CEO and Founder Niraj Shah of Wayfair.  The Wayfair brand originated with a site called But they didn’t stop there, after racks and stands became profitable, they added separate and diverse websites for things like furniture and pet goods. After creating and consolidating their 250 websites into ... Read More »

Omni-channel and the “Apple Experience”

By Dan Darnell in Events on September 26, 2012

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Two weeks ago I attended in Denver. As I walked around the expo hall, I was struck by a change in messaging.  A number of vendors are now talking about  “omni-channel.” I was not surprised. The wave of digital integration from mobile, tablet, websites and stores is underway and picking up momentum. Besides the change in language, there were other indicators that integration ... Read More »

The Top 5 Things you Missed at

By Jen Burns in Events on September 14, 2012

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If you’ve ever been to a tradeshow, you know that universal themes typically emerge among business leaders. At this year’s Annual summit, keynote speakers from companies like Google, Facebook, and several others covered hot topics like omni-channel, personalization, ecommerce checkout and even management, with their best business insight and practices for success. Here are the top 5 takeaways from SHOP ... Read More »

It’s All About the People

By Marti Tedesco in Events on September 13, 2012

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There is no getting away from it – in this internet era we like to think it’s all about the technology, but it’s not, and it never really has been.  At the 2012 summit this week, I had the pleasure of listening to David Walmsley, Multichannel Development Director for Marks & Spencer, as well as Jamie Nordstrom President of Nordstrom direct.  Representing close ... Read More »

Episode 3: The Stores Strike Back

By Jen Burns in Events on September 11, 2012

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Toys R Us CEO, Jerry Storch, spoke today at’s 2012 Annual Summit. His “The Stores Strike Back” presentation covered a different angle than the typical ecommerce retailer. Repeatedly claiming, “We will win,” Jerry argued that physical stores remain crucial to leading retailers. His key points included: Internet retailers will add physical stores. Forrester estimates 327 ... Read More »

SVForum Panel Focuses on Innovation in Personalization Tech

By Dan Darnell in Events, Onsite Search, Recommendations on August 31, 2012

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Last night I participated in a panel discussion for the Web Apps & E-Commerce SIG of the SVForum in Palo Alto on Recommendation Engines and Brand Commerce . I was joined on the panel by Brian Johnson from eBay, Paul Twohey from Ness, and Vik Singh from Slice Data. Each of us had a chance ... Read More »