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Mcommerce Growth Revitalizes E-mail Marketing

By Susan Briggs in eCommerce, Featured on October 16, 2013

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The shift to mobile in the last few years has revitalized e-mail marketing as a viable means for ecommerce businesses to connect with their customers.   According to statistics presented by Forrester Analyst Sucharita Mulpuru at the recent conference, 44% of e-mail opens happen in a mobile environment and 40% of customers say that checking their e-mail is the first thing they do in the morning and the last ... Read More »

Mobile: The Ultimate Shopping Tool

By Dan Darnell in eCommerce, Featured, Retail on September 20, 2013

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Bravo to Home Depot for embracing mobile to make my in store shopping experience better. Last weekend, my son and I visited Home Depot to buy a new bike rack for our garage. Our first stop was a sales associate. He pointed us to aisle 21 where racks and hooks are located. We made the trek to the other end of the store and sure enough we found some ... Read More »

When the Economy and eCommerce Collide

By Marti Tedesco in eCommerce, Featured, Retail on September 12, 2013

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According to the US Census Bureau, ecommerce sales in the second quarter of 2013 accounted for 5.8% of overall retail sales and grew 18.4% over Q2 2012.  This is in keeping with projections earlier this year that had ecommerce growing at roughly 3-4 times the rate of overall retail.  So it’s not surprising that the latest round of earnings reports from retailers were in line with these figures. Retail ... Read More »

Keeping Up with the Millennials

By Jen Burns in Customer Experience, eCommerce, Engagement & Conversion, Featured on September 5, 2013

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Snapchat. Vine. Protube. All of these apps have something in common… the age of their users. Yet with new applications popping up daily, how do retailers take advantage of these channels? While retailers strive to stay in the feeds, minds and wallets of their teenage and under 30 buyers, keeping up with the distracted millennial can be a challenge. Retailers must first understand how millennials really use their phones. ... Read More »

Big Brother is Watching

By Jen Burns in eCommerce, Social Network on July 12, 2013

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When you think about the massive amounts of data that exist in cyberspace, its difficult to wrap your mind around how the data might be used. Think of all the text messages, emails, tweets, Facebook messages, wall posts, photos, and shopping carts that you have initiated in the past 10 years. Now multiply that by 7 billion, and you can see why ... Read More »

Want A Little More Control in Your Shopping Experience?

By Jen Burns in eCommerce, Featured, Retail on March 22, 2013

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“No piles, no mess, just an easier way for customers to control the store through their mobile application” Hointers, a new robotic/ecommerce retail store, is targeted at get-in-and-out-with-what-I-need-male shoppers, offering the ability to shop in store in a very different way. The shopper tries the jeans on by scanning them, and then they robo-magically appear in a dressing room alongside an easy “these don’t fit” chute and a mobile device ... Read More »

The Numbers Don’t Lie, or Do They?

By Marti Tedesco in eCommerce, Events on March 7, 2013

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Personally, I love David Brooks. His op-ed articles and book The Social Animal display a thoughtfulness and intellect that goes beyond most editorialists these days. His recent New York Times article What Data Can’t Do (February 18, 2013) seems like it could have been written by a Baynote data scientist. In particular, Brooks mentions the fact that “Data obscures values… data is ... Read More »

Not all eCommerce Organizations are Created Equal

By Marti Tedesco in eCommerce, Events on March 5, 2013

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Life is hard for the ecommerce professionals within traditional brick and mortar retailers.  This was clear from talking with retailers this week in Palm Springs.  It’s hard for two reasons. First, retailers who start online like,, and the Knot have the advantage of having their entire ecommerce organization focused on optimizing the customer experience.  Most have been laser focused on ... Read More »

eCommerce Retail is Always So Trendy

By Marti Tedesco in eCommerce, Featured, Retail on February 26, 2013

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When you think of trendy retail, one tends to think of apparel and maybe even fast fashion.  But that’s not what Mark Mahaney, Managing Director of RBC Capital was talking about at eTail West this morning.  In fact, the retail trends he was talking about are the most fashionable to attendees of this ecommerce conference. The most popular trend is that ecommerce ... Read More »

What a Convenient Day for Love

By Jen Burns in Customer Experience, eCommerce on February 14, 2013

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It’s Valentine’s Day and retailers will do well. Immediately following Christmas decorations, hot pink and purple lined the aisle ways at your local grocer, heart blinking necklaces (totally wearing these today, by the way – thanks Mom!) were hanging by the checkout and don’t forget Spongebob heart-shaped candy everywhere the mobile-strained eye can see. Holidays like Valentines Day are big for retailers and– according to the NRF– Americans will spend ... Read More »