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Technically New Technologies

By Jen Burns in Events, Featured, Machine Learning on October 10, 2013

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At the in the “Future of Technologies” session, I heard about advancements like wearable technologies and robotics with even more changes and technologies to come.

September Personalization Round up

By Dan Darnell in Featured, Personalization on September 26, 2013

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September was quite the month for tech giants.  First, during a TechCrunch Disrupt interview, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer stated that Yahoo’s main function is to deliver a personalized experience for its users. Then, Google announced that it would no longer accept third party cookies on any of its sites, which raised concerns with internet advertisers. While both of these companies understand that their futures are tied to offering users personalized ... Read More »

Mobile: The Ultimate Shopping Tool

By Dan Darnell in eCommerce, Featured, Retail on September 20, 2013

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Bravo to Home Depot for embracing mobile to make my in store shopping experience better. Last weekend, my son and I visited Home Depot to buy a new bike rack for our garage. Our first stop was a sales associate. He pointed us to aisle 21 where racks and hooks are located. We made the trek to the other end of the store and sure enough we found some ... Read More »

Depleted In-store-ventory

By Jen Burns in Cartoons, Featured, Holiday Shopping Survey on September 18, 2013

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As the holiday season quickly approaches, retailers both in store and online are developing and implementing their holiday strategies. (By the way, if you’re interested in what they are planning for this season, take a look at our Holiday Predictions Survey).

When the Economy and eCommerce Collide

By Marti Tedesco in eCommerce, Featured, Retail on September 12, 2013

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According to the US Census Bureau, ecommerce sales in the second quarter of 2013 accounted for 5.8% of overall retail sales and grew 18.4% over Q2 2012.  This is in keeping with projections earlier this year that had ecommerce growing at roughly 3-4 times the rate of overall retail.  So it’s not surprising that the latest round of earnings reports from retailers were in line with these figures. Retail ... Read More »

Keeping Up with the Millennials

By Jen Burns in Customer Experience, eCommerce, Engagement & Conversion, Featured on September 5, 2013

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Snapchat. Vine. Protube. All of these apps have something in common… the age of their users. Yet with new applications popping up daily, how do retailers take advantage of these channels? While retailers strive to stay in the feeds, minds and wallets of their teenage and under 30 buyers, keeping up with the distracted millennial can be a challenge. Retailers must first understand how millennials really use their phones. ... Read More »

August Personalization Roundup

By Dan Darnell in Recommendations on August 28, 2013

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August has shown us how retailers are preparing to capture a larger slice of the ever-important BTS and holiday pie. With e-commerce now growing beyond pre-recession levels, retailers want to capture shoppers as early as possible and keep them coming back for the holiday season.  Mobile online purchases continue to grow as well so retailers are using every tool in their grasp to gain an edge on their competitors. ... Read More »

Tidings of Comfort and Joy?

By Marti Tedesco in Cartoons, Featured, Holiday Shopping Survey on August 26, 2013

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While most of America is lazing around on Christmas morning, few will have any idea of the exhausting months of retail preparation that precede the holiday.  Sure, most consumers understand that there are inventory and ordering issues, crowds and hustle at holiday time, but most, like the ecommerce exec pictured in our latest cartoon remain blissfully unaware of what it takes to meet all of the demands of the ... Read More »

Back to Backpack Sales

By Jen Burns in Featured, Holiday Shopping Survey on August 21, 2013

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“Do you have your backpack? Lunch money? Class schedule?” School started for most kids in K-8 this week and both parents and kids alike are getting back into the routine. Yet, back to school sales have already been in full swing for months and it seems like each year they start a little earlier than the year before. Back to school isn’t a holiday (kids everywhere would agree!) but ... Read More »

Retailers: The Holiday Elves

By Jen Burns in Featured, Holiday Shopping Survey on August 20, 2013

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With the holiday season quickly approaching for both retail and e-commerce alike, there is a lot of pressure on different channels to have their website optimized, banner promos designed, inventory overstocked and holiday strategy finalized soon as in, um, yesterday. Retailers truly are the elves of the holidays, working to make sure that the products they sell are at their very best (as an elf would do) and that ... Read More »