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Personalization Round Up – January 2014

By Jen Burns in Personalization on January 31, 2014

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In January, big retail news jolted the industry out of its post-holiday stupor. While economic green shoots continue to sprout through the desiccated cracks of a wooden economy, hacking took center stage this month. Given the news of Target’s customer data breach and now Neiman Marcus, retailers everywhere are even more focused on securing customer data. Hackers are working just as hard to ingeniously find ways to exploit data ... Read More »

What do Meerkats and Online Shoppers Have in Common?

By Jen Burns in Featured on

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On my way to work I received a TED Talk email with the subject line of PUPPIES! followed by a mention of complexity theory. Intrigued, I listened in. The talk, given by Nicolas Perony, discussed animals in their natural habitat and how surprisingly (though they aren’t aware) they are affecting the larger group of their species and mirroring each other’s behaviors. ... Read More »

VUE Changes Everything

By Bill Hustad in Featured, In the Company of Baynote, Personalization, Recommendations, Retail on January 27, 2014

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These are exciting times in ecommerce and at Baynote! Today we are thrilled to introduce you to Baynote VUE; a new, self-service web application, specifically designed for eCommerce merchandisers. By partnering with our customers, Baynote has proven that using a team approach to personalizing the customer experience (our science plus your expertise) can drive even higher revenues than an automated approach alone. Until now, the broader personalization sector has ... Read More »

Your Virtual Web Shopping Assistant, now in 3D

By Jen Burns in Customer Experience, Featured, Holiday Shopping Survey on January 17, 2014

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In 2024, one of those chat box representatives will visually jump off of your screen and ask you what you need help with on their website. This virtual, three dimensional rep will know all of your shopping history, sizes, interests and payment details and be able to get you what you need within the same day, possibly the same hour. But that’s ... Read More »

Holiday Influence Online and Offline

By Jen Burns in Featured, Holiday Shopping Survey on January 14, 2014

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Each year with digital improvements, we see changes in the behavior of shoppers both online and offline. And each year, I hear from more people that they prefer shopping online. Well in our 4th Annual Holiday Shopping Survey, Baynote found some interesting things about both the online and offline shopper. Ratings and Reviews influence everywhere the shopper is ... Read More »

Reflections on NRF2014 Opening Weekend – Super Saturday, Millennial Shopping and More…

By Dan Darnell in Events, Featured, Mobile Commerce, Retail on January 13, 2014

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This weekend I attended the Retail Orphan Initiative Super Saturday event (#ROISS on Twitter) was a great mix of context, content and community. Speakers talked about the mission of ROI to help build and support orphans around the world from Honduras to Liberia. It was great to hear from people who have visited those countries and helped with development projects. Mixed in with the ROI mission were presentations by ... Read More »

The Four P’s of Marketing Still Rule

By Marti Tedesco in Featured, Holiday Shopping Survey, Retail on January 10, 2014

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The classic marketing framework has been the 4 P’s: product, price, place and promotion.  It’s clear from a variety of sources, not just our own 4th Annual Holiday Shopper survey that the place is on line and that is clearly changing the rules of the retail game.  Prices are completely transparent as online shoppers are able to price compare everything.  The same goes for ... Read More »

December Personalization Roundup

By Dan Darnell in Machine Learning, Personalization on December 27, 2013

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Every year, I take stock of the past year to get an idea of what the New Year will hold, so I went through the 2013 monthly round-ups to select stories that defined the state of personalization, predictive analytics and other major retail trends last year. 2013: Personalization Tech’s Leaps and Bounds A fascinating theme to emerge was the urge to understand how the human experience fits into the growth ... Read More »

Free Shipping Reindeer

By Jen Burns in Cartoons, Featured on December 25, 2013

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Today, innovation and speedily getting products to market is expected as technology blurs past us on a daily basis. With Christmas, Santa’s Elves have to try their best to keep up with all of the demands of their customers.  Speed! It’s E-Commerce Personalization for Procrastinators? With an improving economy, demanding shoppers are spending; and ecommerce (in addition to Santa’s Elves) must keep up. For instance, Black Friday alone brought ... Read More »

Better to Give than Receive

By Jen Burns in Cartoons, Featured on December 19, 2013

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It’s the season of giving. Be it something handmade, purchased from a store or ordered online, the time to give is now. Yet, the challenge can often be finding just the right gift for that special someone. And most shoppers would agree that the hunt is always more rewarding when a promotion, deal, coupon or free shipping is offered. According to, about 75% of retailers say their free standard ... Read More »