BaynoteONE for Retail

The retail experience is more competitive than ever with large sites and technology brands setting a high bar. With BaynoteONE, retail brands can put each customer at the center of their digital experience and deliver the cross-device, personalized experience that engages shoppers, delivers increased conversion and AOV and creates long-term, loyal relationships.

It All Starts with Understanding the Shopper in Real-time

Customer data in retail is trapped in various online and offline systems making it difficult to leverage. The BaynoteONE Customer Experience Profile (CXP) is an online customer data hub purpose built to drive relevant, personalized experiences across devices and touchpoints.

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Relevant Promotional Content that Hits the Mark

When you know each shopper you can deliver relevant promotional hero images and promotional offers that will drive each customer to convert or add options. With BaynoteONE Optimized Promotions you can create a personalized browsing experience that will increase revenue and preserve margin by targeting the right promotions to the right shoppers.

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Personalized Cross-sell and Upsell Increases Revenue

Modern merchandising is about helping shoppers find the perfect product or build the perfect outfit. With BaynoteONE Personalized Product Recommendations and BaynoteONE VUE, data-driven merchandisers can take control of the cross-sell and upsell process to drive increased revenues and AOV for their brands.

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Real-time Personal Email that Gets Shoppers Clicking

Email is a vital part of retail marketing, but opportunities to intelligently re-engage, cross-sell and upsell are often neglected. With BaynoteONE Personalized Email integrated into existing email campaigns shoppers are exposed to relevant promotions and products in confirmation, abandonment and campaigns emails.

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Driving Customer Success in Retail

Baynote works with some of the most respected brands in the Retail Industry, including…