BaynoteONE for B2B Retail

B2B retail is changing with customers expecting a B2C like experience. With BaynoteONE, B2B retail brands can put each customer at the center of their digital experience and deliver the cross-device, personalized experience that engages customers, delivers increased conversion and AOV and creates long-term, loyal relationships.

Onboard Offline Data to Create Truly Personal Experience

Customer data is often trapped in various online and offline systems making it difficult to leverage. The BaynoteONE Customer Experience Profile (CXP) is an online customer data hub purpose built to drive relevant, personalized experiences across devices and touchpoints.

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Personalized Cross-sell and Upsell Increases Revenues

Modern B2B merchandising is about helping customers find the perfect product. With BaynoteONE Personalized Product Recommendations and BaynoteONE VUE, data-driven B2B merchandisers can take control of the cross-sell and upsell process to drive increased revenues and AOV for their brands.

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Deliver Onsite Search that Drives Revenue

Onsite search can drive revenues and decrease support costs – when it works. Unfortunately, onsite search engines require constant tuning and management to remain effective. With BaynoteONE Personalized Onsite Search you can deliver relevant search results and increased revenues for both content and product search with automated tuning that keeps your resources focused on new projects and new revenue.

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Real-time Personal Emails Get Customers Clicking

Email is a vital part of B2B retail marketing, but opportunities to intelligently re-engage, cross-sell and upsell are often neglected. With BaynoteONE Personalized Email integrated into existing email campaigns shoppers are exposed to relevant promotions and products in confirmation, abandonment and campaigns emails.

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Driving Customer Success in B2B Retail

Baynote works with some of the most respected brands in B2B Retail, including…