BaynoteONE Experience

Drive dramatic increases in engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

Deliver relevant, personal experiences for customers across sessions, devices and touchpoints through personalized search and sort, promotions, and product and content recommendations deployed in real-time throughout your experience.

Make Every Interaction Count

Making the most of every interaction means capturing customer attention and engaging them with compelling items that get them to convert. Integrating relevant, personalized content, offers and products throughout your experience is the key. From landing pages and home pages that engage to relevant category and search results pages to personalized product detail pages and cart and even transactional emails. And all of this can be done with your existing ecommerce platform and email systems making personalization a reality today, not a dream for tomorrow.


Your Relationship Grows Across Devices

Today’s consumer interacts with your brand across multiple devices from desktops to tablets and smartphones. Providing a seamless experience for consumers across devices is critical to maintaining attention and building loyalty. With BaynoteONE every customer interaction is tied to their customer experience profile and their data is used to power seamless, personal experiences across all of their devices.

Now You're Talking Across Touchpoints

Your relationship with customers extends beyond enabling commerce transactions to email marketing, stores and call center agents. Enabling all customer touchpoints is critical to success. For example, using store data to drive intelligent online interactions or campaign emails or using online data to empower store sales associates and call center agents. Creating a seamless personal experience just became a reality for your business.